Can we stop the 27 men who really run America?


Now it is formal. 20-seven men run this region.

Pundits are fond of saying, “The President of the United States is the most potent human being in The usa.”

He’s not and has not been for around a 10 years. Political electrical power in this nation, given that five Republicans on the Supreme Court docket thoroughly legalized both of those overt and top secret political bribery in their 2010 Citizens United decision, is now centered in the money bins of the morbidly loaded.

Political pundits also say that, for illustration, Val Demmings outraising Marco Rubio in the Florida Senate race bodes nicely for her and lousy for Rubio in the approaching election. In simple fact, it is only marginally related simply because billionaire dim cash does not show up in formal fundraising numbers. And Rubio has many billionaire backers.

A small variety of rightwing billionaires currently run the present, at minimum for the instant, and, according to a new study, 27 of them mainly personal the GOP and consequently the skill to block most constructive and forward action by the Biden administration.

In 1776 we declared […]


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