Carrigate: No. 10 admits he pressured The Times to drop Carrie Johnson story


Downing Street confirmed that the participants of Boris Johnson team intervened after posting of a story about his wife Carrie in Timebut denied that prime minister contacted the newspaper himself to complain.

story in which it was alleged that Mr. Johnson tried install Carrie in £100.00 per yearyear work in foreign office while he was spending secret novel with she appeared in in first version of newspaper on Saturday, but disappeared from later copies and version also disappeared from Mail Online website.

Mr Johnson official the spokesman confirmed that the number 10 was in contact with The Times before and after publication of in first edition, but denied that prime minister contacted Associate Editor Tony Gallagher himself, who was in accusation of newspaper that night.

It is clear that no legal action was taken by No. 10. in attitude to story.

The prime minister’s spokesman said he could not issue formal comment on accusation as it related to the period when Mr. Johnson was a foreigner secretary since 2016-18

But he told reporters: “Other made clear this is story is not true including Mrs Johnson’s representative.

“I would point out to you the denials and allegations made out Mrs. Johnson on this and number 10 colleagues over weekends.”

representative added: “We were approached before publication, and then we spoke with them. I think we talked to them after the publication. I don’t know exact schedule of It.”

story written senior political journalist Simon Walters, extended on claims in Biography of Mrs. Johnson had published Tory donor and peerage Lord Ashcroft previously. year.

It has been argued that the idea of appointment of Miss Johnson – then work in press of the Conservative Party office like Carrie Symonds – fell apart when advised by close aides against plan. Mr Johnson was still married to Marina Wheeler at the time.

story claimed that Mr Johnson senior Assistant Ben Gascoigne, now Deputy Chief of Officer No. 10 threatened to leave the Ministry of Foreign Affairs post if Carrie was given a job.

Responding to once storypress secretary for Ms Johnson said: “These claims are completely untrue.”

But Mr. Walters said New European: “I’m standing on story 100 percent. I was in long and detailed communication with No. 10 High Level, Ben Gascoigne and Mrs. Johnson Press Secretary for up up to 48 hours before the newspaper went to press. never did of they offer on-the-record negation of any element of in story”.

“No one has of these three suggested on-the-record denied me ever since. No. 10, and Mr. Gascoigne did not deny it. off-the-record or.”


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