Here’s How To Create A Cosy ‘me Time’ Nook In Your Home


A relaxation nook is that corner in your home where you make a beeline after a hard day’s work, that place where you seek refuge in the midst of chaos in your home.

With this in mind, it’s supposed to be peaceful and calm and healing and inspiring, the perfect ‘me time’.

This spot should inspire you to get lost in the pages of your current read, or whatever hobby you’re engaging in at the moment.

Relaxation nooks are an important part of a household, therefore, if you don’t have one, it is time to identify a space and go about transforming it into the ultimate ‘me time’ spot.

You might argue that your space is small, but there is always space if you look hard enough.

Take the space under your bedroom window, for instance, a balcony, a corner in your dining or living room, or a spot in your backyard.

Here are eight practical ideas that you can use to elevate that space you have in mind.

1. Characteristics to look out for

Take your time and walk around your house and look for a spot that you will love to spend time in.

Ideally, it will be somewhere with sufficient natural light or a low-traffic spot adjacent to a large window that opens to let in the fresh air. If this is not an option, look for a spot that is quiet and cool.

2. Get your seating right

As you lay out your nook, make sure it is in an area large enough to allow you to sit up without bumping your head, and long enough to lay back when need be.

Having the right chair is especially important if what you yearn for is a reading nook.

Think of a comfy armchair or bench seat that allows you to stretch your feet especially if the spot is part of a backyard veranda or balcony.

You could also get a swing chair or a hammock. You may also want to consider having a socket or two to charge your gadgets while you unwind.

3. Make it comfortable

Once the seating is sorted, it is time to cosy up your nook. Go for colourful cushions and throws.

You can also throw down a small furry rug on the floor to soften your underfoot.

4. Light up your space

A naturally lit room boosts productivity, improves mood, and creates an overall tranquil atmosphere.

For apartment dwellers with small or few windows, strategically placed large mirrors or lacquered pieces will reflect sunlight, doubling the amount of natural light.

A stylish floor lamp behind your armchair or hanging pendant lamps is a great way to add lighting to your nook so it can be enjoyed any time of day.

5. Add a rest for your drink

An essential part of a cosy seating nook is having somewhere to rest a hot drink. Or some wine.

It is hard to relax when you do not have somewhere to rest your glass of juice or mug of coffee.

Side tables are popular, but you could get creative and consider a hanging shelf or something integrated into your bench seat.

6. Use scent to help you unwind

Who doesn’t want a place that smells nice? Scented candles are all you need to achieve this, they will not only give your space a nice scent, but they will also lend it a warm, inviting glow.

Also consider diffusing essential oils such as peppermint, rosemary, lavender, bergamot and orange.

7. Accessorise and personalise

You can add some individuality and warmth to your nook with special items that make you happy.

A hanging planter, artwork or photos are some ideas to complete your nook with that personalised touch.

8. Décor

Hardwood floors and soft area rugs can tie in furniture to help create a space that looks and feels softer, calmer and more relaxing.

Light wood will make the space feel more open and bright. This is ideal for small spaces.

If you will be painting the walls in your nook, choose a colour that compliments the overall theme and décor of adjacent spaces.

For a quiet and calm atmosphere, go with tranquil blues, greens, whites, beiges and greys.

Keep bright and jarring colours out of furniture and fabrics in the areas you wish to personalise.

Incorporating plants into your nook can improve your mood, reduce stress to help you better relax and provide an extra touch of privacy.

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