How an Accident Attorney Can Maximize Your Compensation


Car accident victims often face losses, including costly vehicle repairs and medical bills. A knowledgeable and experienced vehicle accident lawyer can help them obtain the most compensation possible. Never give an oral or written statement to representatives of the at-fault driver’s insurance company until you first speak to your attorney.

Gather Evidence

Car accidents cause a significant financial strain on victims and their families. They can leave people with substantial medical bills, lost earnings and other damages. A good attorney like those from Vendt Accident Attorneys will find every piece of documentation that could bolster your case and preserve evidence that might diminish over time. This involves photographing the accident scene, recording eyewitness testimony, and keeping track of your medical treatment and property damage. Your lawyer will also seek out any information from police officers and other witnesses and gather their official statements through depositions, which are out-of-court testimony taken under oath by a court reporter. These statements may be used at trial to challenge the credibility of witnesses and help establish a link between your injuries and another party’s negligent actions.

Negotiate on Your Behalf

A lawyer can communicate with the insurance company and negotiate your settlement amount. Typically, an adjuster will want to settle your claim as quickly as possible. During negotiations, an attorney will calculate your damages and demand a fair settlement for your injuries. Damages include medical expenses lost wages and emotional impacts like pain and suffering. They will consider future treatment costs, how the accident affected your ability to work and your relationships.

If the insurance company is unwilling to negotiate, your attorney may file a lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit initiates formal proceedings in which legal theories, allegations and damage information become official. This can often motivate defendants to make a reasonable settlement offer. If not, your attorney can prepare to go to trial.

Gather Witnesses

Witness statements are powerful evidence that can strengthen a car accident case. Your lawyer can obtain these statements through a variety of sources, including the police who investigate the crash, first responders who treat your acute injuries, and others who live or work near the scene of the collision. Witnesses should be selected carefully. Their accounts must be independent, unbiased and unaltered. They should also be able to provide an accurate view of the accident from beginning to end. This can be done by recording their statement, either in written or audio/video form. Witnesses should be located soon after the accident when they have a fresh memory of the events that led to the crash. This will help avoid any lapses or inconsistencies that might develop later.

Prepare a Strong Case

Car accident attorneys are highly familiar with laws that vary by state and the specifics of your crash. They also know how to build a claim that considers all costs, including current and future medical treatment expenses, loss of income, and pain and suffering. In addition, they can hire experts to strengthen your case, such as accident reconstruction specialists. These doctors specialize in your injuries and are specialists who can testify about the standard of care and extent of your damages. Insurance companies also employ expert witnesses and know how to counter their arguments. An experienced car accident attorney will ultimately develop a legal strategy that maximizes your compensation. Most cases settle outside of court, but your attorney will be prepared to fight the insurer before a jury should the need arise.

Negotiate on Your Behalf

Car accident victims are entitled to financial compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and other damages. The total damages a victim receives will depend on the severity and type of their injuries.

A lawyer will submit a detailed demand letter to the insurer, including all your losses. The letter will describe the accident, your injuries, and how they’ve impacted your life and future. An attorney will also request a policy limit review from the insurer to ensure you receive full compensation for your losses. Insurance companies are in business to make money and will use every tactic possible to reduce your settlement offer. A skilled attorney will fight for your rights and guarantee you receive reasonable compensation for your losses.

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