How Can a Father Get Full Custody of Their Child?


As a father, how can you get full custody of my child? What type of custody should I be looking for? These are the most common questions fathers have when it comes to their children. You can have a lot of emotions and uncertainties once you start the custody process for your child. While you will be looking at all aspects of your life and custody options, you may be thinking of consulting with Scottsdale child custody attorneys, right?  But you need to focus on these areas to help get full custody of your child. Because knowing the basics will help you to better opportunities according to your situations and requirements. So let’s get started! 

Joint custody vs full custody

Sole custody is another name for full custody. Understanding the distinctions between joint custody and full custody is important for parents who seek full parental responsibility. In the end, a court would rather give both parents joint custody of a child. 

  • Parents who have joint custody of a kid divide the child’s physical and legal custody.
  • In a full custody agreement, one parent is in charge of the child entirely.

Can Fathers Who Are Alone Receive Full Custody?

Even though the majority of the time, courts favor giving both parents joint custody of the children, there are several instances where they might give one parent sole custody.

In fact, judges are not allowed to display any bias towards fathers, so if you can demonstrate that you’re a good parent than the other, you do stand a chance of obtaining full custody. But if the mother of the kid also intends to apply for full custody, you should also be ready for a difficult child custody dispute.

What Aspects Are Associated With Father Having Full Custody Rights?

Before going to court, a parent who wishes to get complete custody rights has to be aware of what to anticipate. The following elements will be taken into account by the court when deciding which parent should be awarded full custody.


When seeking full custody of a kid, a father should have confirmed the child’s paternity. The date of birth of the kid may have the father’s signature on it, or he may do so in court during a paternity trial. 

The Father and Child Relationship

Before granting complete custody, the judge will ask about the parent’s connection with the child. A parent should be ready to answer inquiries about his interactions with the child while a child custody dispute is being discussed. The judge will inquire further about prior regular visits.

Relationship Between Child and Mother

Particularly if the mother of the child is the kid’s primary caregiver, a court will be cautious to alter a child custody agreement that appears to be working. If the child is in danger, for instance, the court might change the custody agreement.

Fathers who have child custody

Because it is thought that a kid is best served by having a relationship with both parents, a father seeking full custody of a child should be informed that courts frequently grant the child’s mother significant visiting privileges.

Bottom Lines

So, assuming that you are a fit parent and that there are no custody disputes, then your options as a father in order to gain full custody of your child will depend on the age of your child. These same options are available to fathers seeking full custody of their children.

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