Immigration Law & RFID Tags to Prevent Illegal Aliens, Human Trafficking and Drugs


There is a bit of debate on the use of Radio Frequency Identification Tags to be used on humans or to be used to stop the illegal aliens from crossing us borders. One of the ideas to use RFID tags, which would be to use them in combination with biometric cards that each person coming over the border to visit would have to carry with them at all times.

Perhaps you didn’t know but there are 23 million visitors that come to the United States each year and that number is growing. There are 15 million visitors coming from Mexico and Canada each and every year and the authorities want to know who is coming into our country and why. They also want to make sure that those people who have VISAs or passes do not overstay their visits, and if they do they want them to check back and in re-sign-up to extend their visit.


RFID tags would not only be used to prevent the legal and illegals from coming into the country but also be used to stop human trafficking and drugs. There are over seven million cargo containers that come into our country each year and we cannot check all of them, but with RFID tags we could. Recently we have set up special scanning machines to look inside these cargo containers, but sometimes that is not even enough.


Some security authorities in the Department of Homeland Security had suggested that perhaps these RFID tags would help us track each person coming into our country. But immigration law professors, as well as constitutional lawyers think this scheme is just too much. So, that’s the latest in immigration law and the world of RFID Tags. Please think on this.

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