Jolyon Claims Credit for Downing Street Fines… Met Say Absolutely Not


Jolyon Claims Credit for Downing Street Fines… Met Say Absolutely Not

Following the announcement of Boris, Rishi and Carrie’s FPN this afternoon, Jolyon Maugham put out an astonishing tweet claiming credit for the fines.

He’s since repeated this ego-inflating claim in the Independent, who lapped up his absurd spin by commissioning an op-ed entitledwe forced the Met to investigate No. 10 on Partygate – today we brought justice”. Just one problem – not only is this bollocks, the Met has confirmed it to be so.

In a document available via the Good Law Project’s own site, the Metropolitan Police point out that the campaign group’s judicial review claim had no impact on its decision to investigate Partygate, a direct contradiction of Jolyon’s masturbatory claim today.

For the avoidance of doubt the recent decision was not caused in any way by the instant judicial review claim

Second, and significantly, the decision of 8 December 2021 was never a final decision. The Defendant made clear to the claimant… that if new information came to light, in particular as a result of the investigations being carried out on behalf of the Cabinet Office by Sue Gray, then the Defendant would decide afresh whether to open an investigation into the alleged gatherings… That is precisely what happened in this case… 

This claim was always premature. Despite that fact being made clear the Claiminat still chose to issue this claim. 

This man knows no shame…


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