Laser Dazzlers – Non Lethal Laser Weapons Used by Military and Law Enforcement Personnel


Ever since 1995 when the United Nations banned all weapons that were designed to blind, armed services and law enforcement agencies have been looking into the use of laser dazzlers.

According to Wikipedia a laser dazzler is “a type of a directed-energy weapon employing intense visible light, usually generated by a laser (laser dazzler). It is a non-lethal weapon intended to cause temporary blindness or disorientation.”

In the US the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Department of Justice have both sponsored research into the development and use of laser dazzlers. Using funds from DARPA the first laser dazzler, a 300 milliwatt hand held green laser, was developed in 1996 and later used by the US Department of Defense.

The laser dazzler is similar in size and weight to a heavy duty flashlight or torch and is now used by both the military and law enforcement agents around the world. Laser dazzlers are currently being used in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The laser dazzler is used mainly to distract and disorient opponents from a safe distance and reduce casualties.

The laser dazzler works in two ways. The first way is to temporary blind a person with strong over powering pulses of green light that temporarily ruin a person’s vision over stimulate their visual centers. The second way is to use the pulsed effect to interfere or scramble the magnetic signals sent to the brain and cause disorientation by over stimulation of the brain.

Laser dazzlers effective both during the day and night and can be used at very close range with out any risk of causing permanent damage to a persons vision.

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