Obtaining Disability Insurance Coverage While Suffering From A Pre-Existing Condition In The United States

Will my Disability Benefits be Denied for a Pre-Existing Condition? |  Beedem Law

You’ll be able to protect your income if you’re wounded or ill, thanks to disability insurance. However, your disability insurance coverage may not cover you if you have a pre-existing ailment. There is a direct correlation between disability risk and insurance premiums. When determining your rates, disability insurance companies consider various factors, including your age, employment, health, and general lifestyle.

A pre-existing condition is a medical condition that may affect your ability to get the insurance coverage you want.

Pre-existing condition exclusions are in place to safeguard insurance companies against those who apply for coverage after they have already become sick. You may safeguard yourself against a future loss by purchasing an insurance policy. 

Conditions that may affect a disability insurance application include as follows:

  • Cancer surgery 
  • COVID-19 

To determine risks, insurance firms will go through your medical records to see any red flags in your health statuses, such as recent doctor visits or the use of prescription medications. Certain insurance companies will refuse benefits if they discover that your claim is based on a pre-existing illness, so it’s essential, to be honest about any health issues you may have when you initially apply.

Pre-existing condition disability insurance

Regarding disability insurance and pre-existing conditions, each business has its own rules about who qualifies and how much they charge. The severity of the ailment and whether the insurance covers the condition also have a role. Pre-existing conditions that are still present when you apply for disability insurance will immediately exclude you from coverage. If you’ve been in remission for three to five years, you may still be eligible for insurance coverage (the time frame varies between companies). If you have anxiety or any mental or behavioral illness, your application for disability insurance may be denied. Insurers may see your anxiety as a pre-existing illness when claiming disability coverage if it needs medical care or medication.

Disability insurance exclusions for pre-existing conditions

Things that aren’t covered by your insurance coverage are known as exclusions. Because of these exclusions, your application for disability insurance payments will be refused. For example, if you have arthritis in your back, your insurance will exclude a disability from your benefits. However, even if you have a ruptured disc or are involved in an accident and suffer a back injury, you may still obtain benefits.

Companies that provide disability insurance to persons with health difficulties, including pre-existing illnesses, do so via exclusions. Disability insurance rates won’t be affected by exclusions since the cost is based on the amount of coverage you require.