June 30, 2022


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Once Again, Lauren Boebert, YOU VOTED AGAINST THAT

Once Again, Lauren Boebert, YOU VOTED AGAINST THAT

SATURDAY UPDATE: The Durango Herald’s Skye Witley:

A newsletter dispersed by U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s business this week touts “nine Boebert wins for Colorado,” but all 9 objects were included in a invoice that the consultant voted in opposition to before this thirty day period.

Boebert celebrated investments worthy of about $2.3 billion and actions this sort of as blocking the use of federal income to fork out for abortions, but various of the identified sums are distributed to localities on an annual basis or reward national systems and initiatives…

The $1.4 trillion omnibus paying out monthly bill containing the “nine Boebert wins” was signed into legislation by President Joe Biden on March 15. Boebert voted versus it 6 times earlier. The spokesperson stated that the omnibus invoice, which wraps spending plan measures with each other with plan adjustments, contained “more lousy than good” for Republicans, so Boebert voted versus it. [Pols emphasis]

See that last aspect? It’s the only component that issues.

This is a amount of dishonesty so audacious you would scarcely consider it’s attainable until a person is dumb sufficient to try out it–which then of course they do. John Kerry aided speak himself out of the presidency in 2004 when he infamously claimed “I really did vote for [Iraq war funds] ahead of I voted against” them, and right here we have Lauren Boebert practically repeating John Kerry verbatim.

If that doesn’t make even her most deep-fried supporters flinch, it’s really hard to consider what can.


Here’s freshman GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert’s most current formal letterhead e-mail to constituents this 7 days, celebrating “nine Boebert wins for Colorado signed into legislation.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R).

But if you’ve even casually followed Rep. Lauren Boebert’s voting file in Congress, and we have pointed out ahead of, on numerous occasions, and the Colorado Sunlight reports once more currently in the Unaffiliated publication, there is a simple problem with determining any of these budgetary line-merchandise for Western Colorado in the the latest omnibus investing bill as “Boebert wins for Colorado.”

Boebert voted versus the omnibus appropriations monthly bill that involved all of those people steps. [Pols emphasis]

Boebert’s newsletter connected to a letter to her from position Rep. Kay Granger of Texas, the rating Republican on the U.S. Residence Appropriation Committee, that contained a checklist of Boebert’s price range priorities…

Boebert’s record of nine merchandise of spending budget priorities advantage her constituents, but some of them are nationwide paying out initiatives that are simply just wide centered, like the $1.8 billion allocation for group wellbeing facilities in rural counties.

It’s getting an increasingly widespread apply for Republicans to get credit score with their constituents for funding priorities they opposed at every single stage of the process, and in Boebert’s circumstance it is about as brazen a lie as could quite possibly be informed. Initially, Boebert refused to consider component in the course of action of even requesting funding for unique assignments. Then she voted towards the laws that incorporates individuals community funding priorities. Now she wishes credit score for the issues she voted in opposition to on the ridiculous premise that because they are continue to in the invoice, Republican negotiators on the Appropriations Committee (Boebert is not) must have fought for them some way.

The Sunshine stories that Colorado’s other two Republican associates of Congress have not joined Boebert this time in using credit score for laws opposed at just about every action and then voted against. The knock on Boebert has always been that she was far more interested in own fame and fortune than symbolizing her constituents. Rather than serving as a defense, Boebert is contacting much more interest to her failures by lying so openly that a five-yr-old can have an understanding of the dilemma.

All we can say is, Boebert ought to be awfully self-assured that none of these genuine-environment challenges will matter.

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