Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer


Estate planning attorneys can be extremely helpful during the process of organizing your assets and preventing the chance that you will have to make the process of your estate through a probate court. Estate planning attorneys are also referred to as probate attorneys and estate planning lawyers and they can affect the way that your entire estate is inventoried, dispersed, valued, and taxed after your death. Estate planning lawyers can help to educate you through the entire process of probate, creating a will, designating beneficiaries, establishing medical power of attorney and durable power of attorney as well as finding ways to reduce your estate taxes. 

Meeting with an estate planning attorney will help you to craft the legally binding documents for your estate and ensure that you can be guided through the entire process of your asset distribution. A good estate planning attorney will help to avoid probate court and ensure that all of your assets are distributed according to your wishes. 

Estate planning lawyers can also represent you should a beneficiary contest the will. Having one of these professionals working for you it is possible to resolve lawsuits quickly and make sure that all of your beneficiaries are able to manage through the process of a conflict of your estate. Rather than having your estate drained as a result of the conflict with your account or an issue with your estate planning, working with an estate planning lawyer today is beneficial for leaving your entire family free of stress and difficulty during your future. 

Contact the offices of Tenina Law for an estate planning lawyer today to learn more about estate planning or to schedule a consultation for your estate planning needs. We have years of experience as estate planning lawyers and we can help with everything from a simple will to a complicated estate plan. 

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