A child is like raw clay whatever shape we will give it will mould accordingly. Child is most truthful and innocent being, he or she should be treated with great love and respect, they have right to get good education, opportunity in society to grow as good citizen. They need protection from family to build confidence to face the world and care to nurture their childhood. Unfortunately there are millions of children who are living without any support, care and roof. They are deprived of family and education and forced to live in inhuman condition. Such helpless children are known as orphan. An orphan is a person who has lost his or her parents and therefore he left alone and nobody is there to take care for them.

Orphans whose parents have died are thrown out from their house and left alone in the street. Dubai is an international city in UAE, it is well know tourist destination in the world. It is know as shopping paradise and people come with their children to enjoy their holiday. Unfortunately it has many orphans staying alone looking for help and hope. In Dubai orphans are treated as social responsibility of kingdom. They are first sent to paediatric hospital for first aid and basic medical treatment. Afterwards the child is admitted to ward. Thus state hospital takes full responsibility of child development.

They are kept there are treated well. They get all the basic needs like food, clothes and shelter. There is well devised adoption process where these orphans can be adopted by citizens. Volunteers are allowed to visit the hospital so orphan child development can have exposure to out side world. There is one very touching story about called Annie’s girl which talks about a child brought into an orphanage and how she survived and discover about her family and life before orphanage and life after that.

This story describes the intricacies how children are treated in orphanages and how what they become and what happened to them. This tells how the child remembers she was taken to orphanage when she was around three year old unable to think what is happening and what will happen in future. She suffers from not only physical but mental trauma. As she encounters various ugly and inhumane incidents which makes a permanent mark in her memories and troubles her though out her life. This book tells the truth about the inhuman condition in which orphanages are run and how they make feeble and insecure grownups.

Education is very important to every child and it is their birth right. There are many human right bodies and organization which work in welfare to these orphan children. It is very important to make them aware of how education can bring fresh breath in their life. It is very important to take steps to make sure these children get proper education in healthy atmosphere. They should be given equal opportunity to study with normal students and get one with open society.

There are NGOs working towards making an effort give them equal opportunity, they help these children by giving them admission in schools, giving them books, uniform etc. this make them feel that they have support and they can also grow up and become respected member of the family. It is very important to make these children aware for their human rights and so that they can speak up whenever there occurs any unpleasant incident. They should be well protected by law as well. Making them aware about human rights give them power to fight against any atrocities and inhuman acts. These NGOs make sure to safeguard rights.

These orphan children needs home and family and that why there are NGOs and local bodies which help finding home for these children. In Dubai, adoption to such orphan children is guarded; authorities do allow nationals to adopt these abandoned children. According to is Islam holy Prophet Muhammad said that “the house which welcomes orphan and where they are treated with love and affection is considered the best house of all. And the house where there is no love affection, and place for such deprived sons of lord that is considered as worst house”. State of Dubai encourages people to adopt child of god and give them hope and family. However state forbids any other national to adopt its child irrespective of their cast, creed, and social status. Once a child is left to street and abandoned it becomes responsibility of state ward and only nationals and citizens can adopt these children. This law however restricted many Expat living in Dubai and willing to adopt a child there. This law however did encouraged locals to come forward to make them part of their family. People have become well aware and they are welcoming them with open heart.

It is reported that state ward has never had more than 12 god child including girls and boys. Couples look for adoption when they are not able to conceive. And there are cases where people feel responsibility toward these innocent children and wish to give them family. In order to adopt they must give a written request to Director General explaining their situation and reason why they wish to have foster child. Such couples are allowed to visit the ward where they can interact with the children. So when their application is approved they already know which child they will be taking home.

State investigates about the Family status and environment. A complete report gets complied about the family and their background and reason for adoption and submitted to Director General to his kind consideration. Recommendations are given by social worker who thoroughly study each case and then only recommend them; this is lengthy process and may take 2-3 months. However, the process does not end there, with the social workers continuing to follow up for a number of years after the legal fostering process has been completed. Director General of department of heath and medical services Dubai had praised this program enthusiastically and termed it as “very successful” program. Many such orphan children are already married and happy in their respective life.

There is well formed mechanism in Dubai to foster help of orphanage children. The state takes full responsibility of such deprived children and has set up ward 16 in Al Wasl Hospital; hospital authority takes care of these children. Authorized person told that children are brought in the hospital and their health and condition gets checked and afterwards they get admitted to pediatric wards and authorities try to find out about their real parents if they fail to find them such children gets admitted to ward 16 and become ward of state.

All across the globe people work towards welfare of orphans. North London Gas Alliance in London has been working towards improving lives of such children. Great efforts are being taken by countries like Europe, Africa, US, Asia, and Russia. Great efforts of mother Teresa has resulted in changing lives of millions of children. Like she rightly said that “Let nothing perturb you, nothing frightens, you. All things pass: God does not change. Patience achieves everything who ever has God lacks nothing’.’

In order to bring about changes in these deprived children we all act together, government should make permanent arrangement to bring a wholesome environment and give them equal opportunity. It is import educate children who have parents that these orphan children also need their help and support not sympathy.

I have researched that there are NGO and social organization is playing greater part than government bodies, thus government bodies’ should increase their active participation. Also awareness needed to be spread so that society should accept them and give them respect and love. The education should be made available and they should be encouraged to study well and to become responsible citizen.

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