Persuasive Essay Topics and How To Choose A Good One For Your Essay

Persuasive Essay Topics and How To Choose A Good One For Your Essay

Persuasive essay topics are used to write essays that are designed to persuade the reader that the point of view that is demonstrated in the essay is the correct one and that all others should share the same opinion. Some persuasive topics are controversial and writing an essay about one of these topics is a combination of research and good writing skills. When you are deciding on an essay topic, it is important to choose one that has plenty of information and statistics to support your point of view, and do not exaggerate any information that you have chosen to write about.

Good persuasive essay topics address typical issues such as abortion, illegal aliens, women’s rights, politics, etc. Here are some general categories of essay topics, and a little information about each one. Hopefully this will aid you in choosing the right topic for your persuasive essay.

Politics whether they are local, national, or world-wide, are topics that provoke a very passionate response from most people, and are a good idea for a persuasive essay. These issues can include the legal or social aspects and have two sides to the argument. Some examples of good political topics are: the pros and cons of the US involvement in other countries affairs, gay rights and gay marriage, abortion, legalization of marijuana, and the Health Care bill.

Technology is a major part of everyday life in today’s society, creating great topics for a persuasive essay. Technological advances happen so fast; that there is some opposition as to the effects it will have on society. Examples of good topics based on technology is; negative and positive effects of the internet, the amount of violence in video games, positive and negative effects of texting, the wide use of social media networks, cyber-bullying, and many more.

Topics that are based on education are usually very interesting to readers. Education topics are highly debated amongst teachers, parents, and politicians, and are relative to just about everybody at some point in their life. Such topics include home school versus public school, dress code or uniforms, traditional or year round school, school bullying and/or violence. These are used quite a bit as college persuasive essay topics, as they pertain directly to subjects that involve education and school.

Persuasive essay topics do not always have to be of a serious nature, you can write about things that are relevant in your life. This is a rather unusual approach to a persuasive essay, and can get you props for being creative. Some examples of these types of topics are; the best brand of soda, the worst day of the week, best band/musician of all time, what should be the age limit on the curfew laws.

There are many good persuasive essay topics to choose from. Take your time and research the topics that you find interesting and choose one that best fits your needs. The more information you can gather about the topic, the better prepared you will be for writing your essay. Remember, do not exaggerate or falsify any information you use in your essay. This can have a negative effect on the overall quality of your essay, no matter how well written it is.

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