Pileup Accident: What Not to Do?

11 Things to Do After a Car Accident

Even though pileups can be devastating and deadly, they are not rare or improbable. We often spend several hours a day driving, and traffic offenses happen every day. Distracted, weary, and intoxicated drivers can be found on the roads.

It’s critical to know what to do if you’re engaged in a pileup accident. Taking precautions after a wreck and knowing what to avoid can safeguard your health and finances.

As you deal with the aftermath of your injury, speak with a car accident lawyer in Toledo for professional and knowledgeable advice. Even if you have already received an insurance settlement offer for your damage, consider several variables before accepting it.

Don’t ever leave the scene.

After a crash, you must halt. A hit-and-run charge may result if you flee the scene without providing the other driver with any information. You must contact 911 and wait for law police to come if someone was injured or died in the collision.

Do not wait to collect evidence – get it right then and there.

Evidence can fade and disappear if you do not act to preserve and record it. Don’t count on anyone involved in the accident to make a detailed report to the cops or medical personnel. 

As much as feasible, the following kind of evidence can be beneficial:

  • Reports from police
  • Reports from the hospital or doctor
  • Any documented video and images taken at the accident scene
  • Recorded or written testimony of witnesses
  • Phone, GPS, or other technology records

Don’t discuss the accident with anyone.

Do not discuss the crash or speculate about it until the claim is finalized. Avoid lengthy discussions with the other driver, passengers, or witnesses at the site. Your statements can affect the outcome of your claim.


Getting into a pileup? Contact a Toledo car accident attorney.

Anyone who has been in a car accident knows how terrifying it can be. Furthermore, determining who was at fault for accidents isn’t always easy. Things can change in an instant when you are involved in a pileup. 

Therefore, you should seek legal advice from a Toledo car accident attorney. An expert can evaluate your case and help you determine how to obtain compensation from one or more parties.

Takeaway Tip: There’s no way you can avoid every accident, but if you get into one, be sure to take the proper steps to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.