The Lifecycle Of An International Athlete – Negotiating Sponsorship & Endorsements Deals


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This website in our sequence for worldwide athletes explains the vital points to contemplate when getting into into sponsorship and endorsement bargains or merchandising agreements. 

Most athletes in most sporting activities have fairly couple many years at the best.  The typical taking part in profession of a Premier League footballer is eight several years, and it’s a identical tale at the highest degree of most other skilled athletics.  For this motive on your own, it is vital that athletes and their advisers contemplate how to leverage their elite standing and commercialise their title and graphic rights, by sponsorship and endorsements (and possibly also merchandising).   Not only is it an essential earnings stream but it may also empower the athlete to preserve their “brand value” lengthy after their actively playing profession has come to an stop.

This weblog examines some of the essential challenges to take into consideration including:

  • What are the various selections offered to athletes?
  • What are the main issues that athletes should really be thinking of?
  • What are the crucial conditions to be viewed as when negotiating a agreement?
    • Exclusivity
    • Advertising and marketing rights granted
    • Standing administration
    • Athlete’s legal responsibility
    • Manage and approvals
  • All round system


Mary-Clare Palmer Edmund Forey


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