Truss’s Best Tweets – Guido Fawkes


Whilst Rishi’s social media output is over and above slick, sadly for us hacks trawling by means of candidates’ on the net presence, practically nothing truly exists before 2015. Liz, on the other hand, has been on Twitter given that just before the 2010 election, a time when Twitter was much a lot less abusive and MPs shot off typo-laden tweets without any staff members oversight. A couple crackers have previously been doing the rounds, Guido’s absent through her back catalogue…

With her team briefing this morning that tonight’s BBC debate will be “really quite possibly the most important lobby bubble obsession I have ever come across” it seems Liz has modified her posture given that 2009

Certainly she used to be a great deal keener finding into the BBC for interviews, as this two-section thread details

She liked detailing her travels all-around the region

And upping her humble family members roots

Not all of her tweets provided a enormous deal of context

Just really do not get her began on British agriculture. Individuals pig industry exports make much more feeling now…

As a lowly backbencher she had much more time to love Britain’s culinary delights. These read most effective in Alan Partridge’s voice…

Getting good to Liz, regardless of backing Keep on being she was a sound Eurosceptic from the start, backing James Wharton’s EU referendum bill, rowing with Chris Bryant and slamming Lord Mandelson

As Liz herself tweeted, she was just “a lad from Leeds with a lust for life”…


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