Americans’ Views of Government: Decades of Distrust, Enduring Support for Its Role


People in america stay deeply distrustful of and dissatisfied with their federal government. Just 20% say they belief the authorities in Washington to do the right matter just about usually or most of the time – a sentiment that has modified incredibly very little considering that former President George W. Bush’s second phrase in office.

The public’s criticisms of the federal authorities are numerous and diversified. Some are common: Just 6% say the phrase “careful with taxpayer money” describes the federal govt exceptionally or extremely effectively a further 21% say this describes the authorities somewhat very well. A comparably small share (only 8%) describes the government as staying responsive to the demands of common People.

The federal federal government gets mixed ratings for its managing of certain challenges. Evaluations are highly favourable in some respects, which include for responding to normal disasters (70% say the authorities does a very good occupation of this) and trying to keep the place harmless from terrorism (68%). On the other hand, only about a quarter of Americans say the government has completed a great occupation running the immigration […]


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