Bee Pollen Can Increase Testosterone Levels and General Health


Virility at Any Age

As one of the benefits of bee pollen, testosterone increases that occur naturally with supplementation can restore key areas of the body to normal functional levels, so older men no longer have to relegate themselves to the age related woes of lowered testosterone levels. As a perfect example of the testosterone related benefits experienced with bee pollen, Noel Johnson was a runner and former boxer who regularly ran marathons at an age when most people have weekly doctor visits. Setting several athletic records in the Senior Olympics and the New York City Marathon, he was also pictured on the Wheaties cereal box and wrote a book about his experiences. In his story, he states that he was on the verge of death at age 70, but credits bee powder supplementation with his marvelous comeback and renewed interest in sex at the age of 71.

Great for Prostate Health

Many men do not realize that if they supplement with pollen, testosterone levels will return to normal, and they will be able to enjoy the same liveliness they had when they were younger. Without dangerous drugs, they not only will be able to eliminate or avoid prostate and other problems that are commonly associated with low testosterone levels but will also be able to achieve a superior quality of life.

Combat Male Infertility

When a man’s diet is supplemented with bee pollen, testosterone increases are almost inevitable because it contains a gonadotropic hormone that is very like the human pituitary sex hormone gonadotropin. With naturally increased testosterone levels men can enjoy benefits such as:

– A higher sperm count

– Increased libido

– Curative effects on erectile dysfunction

Benefits for Women

While bee pollen is an exceptional supplement for both men and women, women taking pollen have consistently reported benefits such as:

– Reduced PMS symptoms

– Decreased menopausal symptoms

Benefits for All

As such an amazing substance, the benefits of bee supplementation are numerous for everyone and include:

– Perfect nutrition

– Increased metabolism

– Heightened energy levels

– Reduction of atherosclerosis symptoms

With the purest pharmaceutical-grade bee pollen, testosterone increases that commonly occur with regular supplementation will be accompanied by better health in general and a reduction in many age related ailments that are common to both sexes. Therefore, it is essential to source your pollen from a company that can guarantee its purity in writing, so the nutrients are not contaminated with pollutants that have the potential to negate its beneficial effects. Recent pollution level studies have shown the country of New Zealand to have some of the cleanest air in the world. In addition, separate studies done of different areas have shown pollen sourced from New Zealand to be the purest.

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