Here are 5 Qualities Your Maritime Lawyer Should Possess

If you are a maritime worker who has suffered injuries on the line of duty, it is essential to know if you are eligible to file a claim against your employer. Maritime personal injury cases are different from the others. Therefore, hiring a lawyer to help you with the process is vital. You will come across different maritime lawyers. However, your choice can make the difference between getting a fair settlement and denying the claim. Therefore, when hiring a lawyer, ensure they are the right by considering the abovementioned qualities.

Specific on Jones Act Cases

You will come across different types of personal injury lawyers. Some work in general, while others handle specific cases. It is paramount to pick an attorney who focuses on maritime cases. General lawyers can be a good choice. However, they may lack the adequate knowledge you need to win a maritime case. Most don’t know much about the complicated maritime laws and Jones Act. Therefore, choose a lawyer who focuses on maritime injury cases only.

Extensive Experience in the Courtroom

Experience is another essential quality you must never ignore when getting a maritime lawyer. The attorney you pick must have more than five years of working on maritime injury cases. They must show you their portfolio to confirm this. The lawyer should also have ample court experience. The court process is complicated and not for the weak. Therefore, your lawyer must understand all the proceedings and requirements to fight for your case. They must also know how to prepare your case for trial. In short, choosing an attorney with extensive experience and knowledge of maritime cases gives you a winning edge.

Positive Reviews and High Success Rate

A good maritime lawyer has a website you can visit to read reviews and customer testimonials. In fact, lawyers who believe in the quality of their work encourage clients to leave reviews. So, check these reviews and ensure most of them are positive reviews. You should also look at their success rate to know how to rate yours. If the lawyer has succeeded in more than 90% of the cases they have handled, there is a high probability they will succeed in yours too.

Financial Ability

You pay the lawyer a contingency fee. That means you give them a portion of your compensation after winning the claim. Remember, they will be responsible for handling all the expenses involved in the case. That means paying the experts hired to provide proof, handling paperwork, and more. This is why it is crucial to confirm that your attorney has the financial ability to do so. Remember, for every coin the company spends to deny your claim, the lawyer may have to spend almost the same amount to defend you. Therefore, ensure they are financially prepared.


These are not the only qualities you should look for in a maritime lawyer. However, ensure you include them to get a reliable professional who will see to the end that you get fair compensation. The lawyer should have ample knowledge of maritime cases and years of experience handling these cases inside and outside court. This assures you that you have someone who knows what they are doing and what is expected of them.