How To Survive The Trauma of Truck T-Bone Accidents


Truck accidents are one of the most severe road accidents that anyone can experience. The extent of the loss can be enormous owing to the severity of the injuries sustained by the victim. T-bone accidents are a subset of truck collisions that can cause catastrophic injuries. In this blog post, you will get an insight into T-bone truck accidents and what are the common causes of their occurrence.

T-bone accidents are popularly called side-impact accidents or broadside accidents. They happen when the front of one vehicle collides with the side of another vehicle. They are caused when one vehicle fails to stop at a stop sign or a stop light. These types of T-bone accidents occur more at intersections as compared to anywhere else.

When a T-bone accident is caused by a truck, the outcome can be fatal owing to its enormous size and weight. This makes it necessary for the injured victim to contact a truck accident lawyer to find out what steps to take and seek compensation for the damages. Learn more if you are still in a dilemma and wondering how to proceed after a fatal truck collision.

Common causes of side-impact or T-bone accidents

  • Poor visibility due to weather conditions: Inclement weather conditions can cause serious problems for truck drivers because conditions like rain, snow, ice, and sun glare may make it more difficult to see distant traffic or road signs. Slippery roads can also cause problems and may be one of the reasons for causing collisions at intersections. 
  • Problem while taking Left turns: When a driver takes a left turn without any traffic signals such as an indicator or without analyzing the traffic, it can pose a threat and cause a deadly T-bone accident. 

Because of their size, trucks cannot always stop their vehicles immediately after applying the brakes. Miscalculations of the speed of oncoming traffic and the stopping distance are some of the factors that may increase the risk that a truck would cause serious damage. Trucks take more space and time to stop than other vehicles. 

  • Fault in the functioning of truck brakes: As trucks cover long-distance routes, proper and frequent maintenance must be done. This enhances the functioning of brakes, steering, and other essential parts of the truck. This can be one of the reasons to prevent any type of truck accident. When a trucking company fails to send the truck for proper care, this can lead to accidents. T-bone accidents may happen if a truck’s brakes do not work correctly at an intersection. If a truck driver’s or operator’s negligence causes an accident, the accident victim may be able to file a claim. 

Many other reasons may also cause T-bone accidents, including a truck driver’s misreading of directions, fatigue, alcohol consumption, and distracted driving. Several parameters may harm a driver’s ability to focus on the roadway and make safe driving decisions.

It is difficult to evaluate the estimated cost of your damages. Therefore, you require the assistance of an experienced truck accident attorney. A truck accident attorney will help you in gathering the evidence required to prove the negligence of another party. It will also help you to prove that injuries caused in a T-bone crash were caused due to the other party’s fault.

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