Human Security and the 2022 NATO Strategic Concept: Knowledge, Insights and Lessons Learned.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is set to undertake its new Strategic Concept on 29-30 June 2022 at the Summit in Madrid. The Alliance’s 2nd most important doc just after its founding Treaty, the Strategic Notion reaffirms NATO’s values and reason, and presents a collective assessment of the safety atmosphere. The Strategic Notion is foundational in driving NATO’s strategic adaptation and guides its potential political and army improvement. Secretary Standard Jens Stoltenberg has carried out a session section to explore and notify critical problem parts inside of the new Strategic Thought. Whilst human protection has lengthy been a priority for NATO, ongoing situations in Afghanistan next the withdrawal of Western forces and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have provoked additional thing to consider of the position human security performs in NATOs actions.

The intent of the seminar, titled ‘Human Safety and the 2022 NATO Strategic Notion: Awareness, Insights, and Lessons Learned’ was to provoke discussions and get skilled insights regarding NATO’s method to Human Protection and its five underpinning spots (the protection of civilians kids and armed conflict countering trafficking in human beings blocking and responding to conflict-similar sexual violence and safeguarding cultural assets), and check out how the long term stability environment will impression its conceptualisation and applications out to 2030 and outside of.

In help of these needs, RAND Europe’s Centre for Human Protection, in collaboration with the NATO Coverage Scheduling Device and the NATO Human Stability Device, and with the generous help of the Norwegian Ministry of International Affairs, organised a seminar bringing jointly in excess of forty gurus from across armed service, governing administration, academia, imagine tanks, and civil culture to check out the principle of Human Stability and its apps at NATO now and in the long run. The conclusions from the seminar will be applied by the NATO Policy Arranging Device and Human Security Device to advise the advancement of the 2022 Strategic Idea and subsequent Human Security perform for the Alliance.

Critical Findings

The conceptualisation of Human Protection within NATO will have to mirror the altering character of war.

The safety atmosphere and the mother nature of conflict have profoundly modified considering that the previous iteration of the Strategic Concept in 2010. NATO’s knowing of Human Protection need to reflect these improvements, which include the rise of non-point out actors, hybrid warfare, and the rise of mis- and dis-facts.

In this context, the job of militaries — such as NATO forces — has altered considerably.

NATO forces should really assume and carry on to get ready for roles that consist of significant human security jobs. Stabilisation and setting up resilience, rather than regular conceptualisations of military victory, may perhaps will need to be the conclude objective of armed service engagement, and human protection is vital affliction of attaining that stop-state.

Proactive, preventative and resilience-based action really should be at the main of NATO’s Human Protection solution as perfectly as NATO’s main tasks.

NATO’s conceptualisation should distinguish Human Stability from the Responsibility to Secure (R2P) and realign the narrative absent from a potent focus on military services intervention to prevention, de-escalation, and resilience. The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine which has illustrated in real time the equal strategic great importance of territorial integrity and human safety, notably the defense of civilians. In other text, the invasion poignantly demonstrates that in modern conflict, the finishes do not justify the indicates.

NATO’s PoC commitments sit at the coronary heart of NATO’s core jobs and is important in translating strategic-level values-dependent intent into operational- and tactical-level action. Mainstreaming PoC (such as CAAC and CRSV) as a main competency into all doctrine and training and applying it into nationwide and NATO exercises is very important to be certain it is holistically embedded in NATO forces practice. In distinct, members pointed out that operationalising Human Protection and POC prerequisites in planning buildings should be a precedence for translating the commitments of the Strategic Principle into the navy domain.

Difficulties really applicable to Human Protection, these as Lifestyle Property Defense (CPP) or the fight towards human trafficking, have usually been deprioritized in contrast to additional conventional POC responsibilities, when in point, these difficulties are significantly interlinked. Progress to put these troubles better on NATO’s agenda has remained gradual. The existing conflict in Ukraine and the contact for the safety of Russian speakers in eastern parts of Ukraine indicates the inclusion of intellectual residence within just CPP.

Contributors noted that some critical situation locations now tumble outdoors of the recent NATO conceptualisation of Human Security and need to have to be provided under the Human Safety approach, these types of as the implications of climate and environmental alter and corruption. If not provided in the broader conceptualisation of Human Stability, these types of endeavours will not be efficient, significantly when Human Stability tasks frequently involve attempts to deal with root results in.


  • An specific reference to NATO’s values, and significantly its commitment to upholding human-rights and a rules-primarily based intercontinental buy ought to be bundled in the introduction of the Strategic Idea.
  • The Strategic Idea ought to make the linkage between Human Safety and its 3 core jobs obvious at the outset.
  • Proactivity and preventative motion must be mirrored in the Strategic Concept’s Human Stability commitments.
  • NATO’s conceptualisation of Human Safety must be expanded, but security of civilians wants to be prioritised for inclusion in the Strategic Notion in particular.
  • Committing to preserving Human Protection is important for obtaining operational effectiveness and mission good results.
  • The strategic direction for Human Safety that is bundled in the Strategic Principle should be something that NATO forces can operationalise and put into practice.


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