Is Low-Cost Legal Document Assistance Suitable for Your Divorce?


No one can doubt the importance of making a right choice of law service during such a painful period as a divorce. Here are some steps that can help to make a decision – which kind of divorce service is right for you.

1. Define the type of your divorce. If you and your partner have decided to get divorced and both of you agreed about that, it means your divorce is uncontested. In this case, you can use an online divorce service.

2. Do you have property disputes? If you and your husband/wife agreed about everything regarding your home, and car, and dogs etc. – you can use DIY divorce tools and save a lot of time and money on lawyer fees.

3. Child custody. If you have disputes about child custody, having a Lawyer you can trust is a better way to protect your interests. Of course, offline process with attorney representation for each spouse costs in average $2000 and it is a lengthy and way to go. But in all difficult cases, it is better to have a help of an attorney.

4. Research. When you realized that you are one of those lucky people who can use low-cost divorce forms assistance, do your homework – research about possible services, their costs, and conditions of use.

5. Instructions. The most important question is does the service have clear and simple instructions for documents you need to fill. There are tools ready to provide you with state-specific and detailed filing instructions, and personalized instructions review on demand.

6. Customer support. Service you’re choosing needs to have a really great customer support that is able to guide and support you during the whole way of filing for divorce. There is a website that has award-winning customer support that will be glad to help you and answer all of your questions. This service is a premier uncontested divorce tool, that pioneered the whole online divorce industry. For 17 years of work this website helped more than 500, 000 people complete their divorce documents.

Last but not least – the price. The average price of basic online divorce tools starts from $300. But most of them are using automated document preparation that can lead to many mistakes in documents and extend the time of documents filling.

And one more advantage of this kind of divorce – you can keep it as private as you want. And no one will know until you tell them.

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