5 Tips and Tricks to Pursuing a Career in Law - MindxMaster

A popular and well respected career choice that arrives from degrees and higher education is a career in law. Whether you want to follow in certain footsteps or have been inspired by your favorite TV show lawyer, a career in the discipline is achievable if you work hard. From being a criminal defense lawyer to car accident lawyers, there are a lot of avenues you can take for this great occupation. Below we have included what you need to do if you want to pursue your aspirations in law. 

Pre-Law Qualifications 

Along your journey of becoming a lawyer requires a lot of qualification and that is before you even get to law school. The first of which is obtaining a bachelor’s degree from university. The degree that you are majoring doesn’t really come into factor too much and there isn’t a specified major that you have to go for. It has been suggested that a large proportion of lawyers majored in English, a form of political science or history. As mentioned though, it doesn’t have to be within that field. The main reason for the qualification is to show law schools that you have the dedication and the ability to research, organize and succeed in big projects. Which is something you must have if you are going to be successful in the role in the future. 

Law School

After successfully achieving your degree, the next step in line is attending law school. Before being accepted to any law school, you will have to sit the Law School Admission Test and if successful can then be considered. Following being accepted into a school, you will study for three years to earn something called a juris doctor. This degree will allow to move further forward in your career, but it again requires a lot of dedication and can be expensive for the most part. 

Specialist Requirements

Growing more and more popular is obtaining a second advanced degree within a specific sector of law. Most schools offer the program if you are wanting to dedicate yourself to one area which will allow you to become a specialist in that field. Fully concentrating another degree on your chosen sector will benefit you for job opportunities in the future. 

Final Exam 

To become a licensed lawyer, you must pass the Bar Exam. The exam will focus on your legal knowledge and will usually take part over two days. By passing this exam, you will be able to start applying for jobs once you have your license and will be the start of your exciting new career in law. 

Always Dedicate Yourself

It is so important to make sure that you keep up to date at all times. Getting your license and successfully obtaining a job doesn’t mean your learning is over. Law is ever changing, so you need to make sure that you stay one step ahead at all times. Be the best version of yourself you can be and you will maintain success.  

Get ready for some hard work and dedication if this is your chosen career path.