‘We know where we are headed’: humanity is sacrificing itself on the altar of corporate profits


Fossil fuel lobbyists have much larger existence at COP26 than any specific place

Local climate improve is the outcome of a fatal calculus: human lives are well worth jeopardizing and even getting rid of above the profits of global companies.

The Globe Meteorological Group (WMO) recently dropped a bombshell announcement that really should have garnered information headlines in the significant world-wide and U.S. media, but did not. New WMO investigation concludes that “[t]here is a 50:50 prospect of the once-a-year typical world wide temperature temporarily reaching 1.5 degrees Celsius earlier mentioned the preindustrial level for at least a person of the up coming five several years.”

WMO Secretary-General Professor Petteri Taalas described, “The 1.5 degree Celsius figure is not some random statistic. It is fairly an indicator of the place at which local climate impacts will develop into progressively hazardous for people and in fact the whole world.”

In 2015, the chance of achieving that threshold inside of 5 several years was just about zero. In 2017 it was 10 percent, and nowadays it is 50 per cent. As we continue on to spew greenhouse gases […]


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