Weird Colorado Laws Found on the Internet (Part IV)


(Section VIII: Odd Legal guidelines in Colorado)

Strange Colorado Laws Found on the Internet

If you do a lookup on the Internet for odd legal guidelines in Colorado, there are a variety of web-sites that rattle off any amount of wacky legal guidelines. But never imagine every thing you go through on the internet. Quite a few of the weirdest, most ridiculous, or most outrageous regulations you may well stumble on are both misreadings or misinterpretations of a statute or ordinance or are just completely made up.

Here is the fact at the rear of some much more of the most preferred odd Colorado regulations located on the World wide web:

Quantity 10: Is it accurate that Sterling does not enable cats to run unfastened with no remaining outfitted with a tail gentle?

Do Cats in Sterling Need a Tail Light?

Almost all the guidelines regarding cats in the city of Sterling are located in Chapter 4, Article III of the Sterling Municipal Code. That segment is definitively titled “Cats.”

In that segment, there are guidelines with regards to the duties of individuals carrying out vaccinations, regulations about the euthanizing of cats suffering from rabies, and even a rule prohibiting the supply of a cat belonging to anyone else to the pound.

But you can find no rule about attaching a mild to a cat’s tail simply because there is certainly just no this kind of regulation.

Quantity 11: Is it accurate you can insult, taunt, and problem Boulder law enforcement unless they inform you to prevent?

Of course, it can be correct. By Boulder’s municipal code, Sec. 5-3-6, titled “Use Battling Text,” it is unlawful to “harass, annoy, or alarm an additional,” or to “repeatedly insult, taunt, or challenge a different in a fashion probably to provoke a disorderly reaction.”

Except that other person is a law enforcement officer.

In accordance to the ordinance, “If the particular person to whom these kinds of insult, taunt, or challenge is directed is a police officer, there is no violation of this segment till the police officer requests the person to stop and discontinue the perform” and the behavior proceeds.

Range 12: Is it really illegal to hearth a catapult at a making in Aspen?

Sure, that is also genuine. In the city of Aspen, it is really not only against the legislation to toss snowballs “at any vehicle, creating,” or “any man or woman,” but it is really also unlawful to “discharge” “any bow, blowgun, slingshot,” or “catapult” in any community place. Aspen Muni. Code ยง 15.04.210.


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