When And How Should You File A Dog Bite Claim?


Pets make many of our lives’ better every day, providing companionship and unconditional love. But if you get hurt by someone else’s dog, there should be consequences. Unleashed powerful breeds, unvaccinated puppies, and irresponsible owners are just some factors that can lead to dog bites and injury. If you’re the victim of a dog bite, you may be able to sue the dog owner.

Of course, there are rules for these cases, and the case can turn in favor of the dog owner in certain scenarios. For example, it could be argued that a victim provoked the dog despite warnings from the owner. It can get complicated, so in this text, we’ll review some key information about dog bite cases. Generally, a dog bite attorney in Texas is the professional who should help you if you’ve been injured by a dog.

  • One Bite Claim:

Texas is a “one-bite” state. This essentially means that the owner is responsible for the dog’s actions once it has become apparent that the dog may have a tendency toward biting or aggression. Therefore, this responsibility of the owner can apply even if the dog has not bitten someone in the past. If a dog is vicious, dangerous, or untrained, an accident can happen, and you have full right to file a lawsuit.

  • Negligence Claim: 

When someone buys a dog as a pet, it’s their responsibility to take care of it and look out for the people around it. If that person fails to do so, and you become a victim, you can sue the owner for their act of negligence.

Negligence in a dog bite case is similar to other types of negligence cases. When someone has failed to execute their duty to keep a situation under control, people can get hurt. And when the breach of duty does lead to injury, the person responsible should pay.

When Can You File A Lawsuit After A Dog Bite?

  • When The Owner Doesn’t Provide Suitable Enclosure:

If the dog is uncontrollable or powerful, it’s essential to keep them within an adequate enclosure. If the owner doesn’t do that, it can quickly spell trouble for others.

  • When The Dog Is Unleashed:

If the dog has a biting or attacking tendency—be it playful or aggressive—it should be leashed, especially when visitors come to the home or near the dog. It is considered an act of negligence if the dog isn’t leased and you get injured. 

  • When It’s A Dangerous Breed:

Some breeds are extremely powerful. A dog’s demeanor may also depend on the owner and how they train and treat the dog. If the animal is not trained to behave properly in front of strangers, the owner can be held responsible for the consequences.

Here are some additional points regarding some nuances about dog bite cases.

  • As a dog bite victim, you can file a case if the attack happened when you were an employee working at a customer’s house.
  • If a dog tried to attack or bite you, you can sue if you got injured while fleeing or saving yourself from the situation.
  • You may also file a claim if a dog knocked you down so hard that you got injured.

If you or a loved one has been injured from a dog bite, contact the personal injury attorneys at Khattar Law PC. We can pursue the compensation you deserve on your behalf and navigate you through the legal system, reducing your stress and enabling you to focus on your recovery.

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