Working in Australia Under Visa Subclass 457


Immigration to Australia is possible under the temporary skilled visa category 457. Under this, workers with special skills can go to Australia and work for a business which has nominated them for immigration up to a period of 4 years. Under this kind of temporary immigration, it’s important for a business to declare that it can’t find anyone to do the same work as the immigrant in Australia.

• Its also mandatory that the professional occupation is also on the list of skilled occupation lists (SOL).

• Every occupation that is on the list of SOL starts with an ANZSCO code. For example, the various occupations which are present in this list are Audiologist (ANZSCO 252711), Project Builder (ANZSCO 133112), Medical Administrator (ANZSCO 134211) etc.

• The candidate for this visa should also be able to converse in vocational English.

Registration and licensing

There are some occupations however, that require skills assessment from an Australian authority (VETASSESS) before approving the immigrant. Such occupations are listed on the website of Trades Recognition Australia. It’s the responsibility of the sponsor or the company that is calling the immigrant to provide him with all the licensing and registration information that is required for his occupation in Australia.

The Australian immigrant should provide proof of his professional licensing to the authorities at his immigration checkpoint. All such licensing documents should be provided by the relevant sponsor.

There are other requirements which should be met by a sponsor also:

The document checklist includes the following documents:

1) Nominee contract: This is a copy of the designated employment contract which is agreed upon by both the parties.

Here are also certain duties of an employer/sponsor which are necessary:

• He must ensure that the employee is provided with all conditions of employment in written before he commences his employment.

• He should ensure that you are only a part of your nominated occupation.

• Certain costs like the recruitment costs should not be transferred to you or deducted from your salary

• If you request your employer, you should be paid requisite travel costs to leave Australia along with/or without your family

• It’s also the duty of the employer to inform the immigration department about the occurrence of certain events like the change in his address or his ending of the contract with you.

• It’s also his duty to adequately coordinate with the immigration department’s inspectors if they investigate whether the sponsorship conditions are met or not.

• Maintain the proper sponsorship records so that they can be provided to the Department if asked for.

2) It’s important for anybody who has migrated on a work visa to this country to keep a record of his employment conditions. Such conditions include the hours and days for which you have worked. You should also have details of the payment conditions, like pay slips and tax documents.

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