Family attorneys assist with a diverse range of legal problems regarding family ties. Some may have experience in different areas of family law in a particular location, while others have specializations in issues like separation or adoption. However, there are a variety of overlapping categories in a Lehi family law attorney. Here’s a guide that lists the types of family law attorneys. Have a read. 

Child Custody Attorney

You should probably consult with a child custody attorney if you wish to be the kid’s primary caretaker after a separation or if you are a non-parent member who wants to take on that role.

Child custody disputes can occasionally be settled through court petitions or mediation. In any case, contacting a family attorney with knowledge of child custody disputes is advisable to represent your interests, help with paperwork, and assist you with any legal concerns.

Divorce Attorney

One of the numerous economic and private issues during the legal divorce process is dividing current debts and assets, deciding on child custody arrangements, and determining whether to give child maintenance support or alimony. 

A divorce lawyer provides their clients with advice on these and other issues. They frequently represent divorced partners in negotiation or court. A family law lawyer can help unmarried couples who have lived together for a long time. When couples end long-term relationships, some of these same legal difficulties emerge.

Adoption Attorney

Adoption is a complicated legal process influenced by state legislation, the kid’s background, if and how the adopting parents are connected to the kid, and several other considerations. 

Adopting a foster kid by a foster parent is typically the easiest scenario. However, even this scenario can quickly become problematic if the birth parents get involved.

Paternity Attorney

Parents frequently resort to the court system and seek assistance from a family lawyer if they argue about the child’s father’s identity or how much accountability he should have for the child’s upbringing.

Single moms may initiate paternity proceedings to obtain monetary help and support from an absent father. In other situations, fathers could apply for paternity to be able to interact with their baby.


The legal difficulties affecting a client’s family bonds, such as custody issues or divorce, are assisted by a family attorney or law attorney. They can argue for clients during negotiations, draft papers including petitions and ownership agreements, assist clients in court procedures, and offer general legal advice.